Crab Macaroni and collards

I’ve been here a several times. In each visit, I’ve had something good and something bad. So I guess that’s what has shaped my opinion of P’Cheen: Hit or Miss. There are some AMAZING dishes, but there are some that I was angry for trying.

There are two things that P’Cheen offers that must be tried: (1) The moonshine. I’m a southern girl, so moonshine was a fairly frequent topic amongst certain family members. I tried a homemade batch many moons ago and nearly cried. But today, they are smoother with the same strength and better flavors. The Apple Pie does not disappoint. (2) The crab mac n cheese. Yup, if you read this blog, you already know how serious I am about my macaroni! And here, P’cheen’s Chef Alex Friedman delivers.

Just as a side note: the specials can be a bit sketchy or maybe they are just never my thing. So I stick with what I believe in now: The wings, macaroni, brussel sprouts and moonshine.

The spot is pretty small so make a reservation for Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as for Sunday brunch. I’ve never checked out the lounge evenings with the DJ or live music, but I imagine its pretty cool. I enjoy the atmosphere. So even if you aren’t there for a meal, you can enjoy yourself.
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