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National Queen and King of Samba 2017

rainha do samba

In October 2017, SambAZ crowned the Queen and King of Samba for 2017. Though I was not a competitor, I was able to travel to Phoenix, AZ for the festivities, which included many classes taught by some of the best dancers and choreographers out of Brazil. Below, you’ll find my footage from the competition. I captured as much as I could while staying in the moment. I look forward to being a competitor in 2018!

rainha e rei do samba 2017

Fashion| Rompers for Men and the Comedy of Twitter

Fashion mavens are officially trying to make “fetch” happen with the new rompers for men. Celebrities like football player Cam Newton and rapper Young Dro have already embraced the trend, but general public seems a little skeptical if not completely resistant. As usual, the people have taken to twitter and the result is pure comedy.
As always, the internet remains undefeated. I love twitter so much. Make sure you follow me at @DineWithDani today for more.

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