Muss & Turners… Too Good To Be So Far

Here again, I went to Muss & Turners so long ago that really can’t describe the experience properly. First, I will say that I enjoyed my food thoroughly. And I loved how the recommended wines really complimented my entrée. Second, I recall it being far from my home and hard to find. So remember, Muss & Turners is easy to pass. It’s tucked in a shopping plaza with only a small, nondescript logo to identify the entrance (similar to H&F). And the small dining area (and even smaller bar) makes reservations a must. I’d love to go there for lunch one day and try something lighter.

I wanna say it was a skirt steak with caper relish and fingerling potatoes. I didn’t kill it because I wanted to savor EVERY bite.


I think that was roasted chicken with braised cabbage.

Like I said, I took the left overs home and it made an EXCELLENT lunch the next day.

For some reason I was very fascinated with the stamp on the table… So i took a pic.

PS- Shout out to AM Sous Chef Ryan Hidinger

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