The Shed… My Mother’s New Favorite

Shepherd's Pie

I forget the occasion for our first visit to the Shed, but I know it had something to do with one of us being in a bad mood.  A new restaurant generally pulls me out of a funk and a good meal will do the trick for my mother. And this place did not disappoint. Good cocktails and good portions are always a good look. Throw in a good “farm-to-table” scenario with housemade pantry goods for sale and I am sold. My mother is a huge fan of the appetizers and the sliders. So it’s always her first suggestion when we decide to dine out. Getting her to go to a new place can be like pulling teeth. She didn’t want to visit the Shed the first time, but now she doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Be sure to try the stuffed peppers and the fried green tomato slider.



Roasted Free-Range Chicken


Bloody Mary


greek yogurt parfait

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