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Atlanta Fall Fit Fest… Sat., Oct 15, 9am- 7pm

I am all about Dr. Mehmet Oz, his wife Lisa, and now their daughter Daphne (The Chew). So when I heard that he would be at the Atlanta Fall Fit Festival, I was ready to sign up(!) even though I had no idea what the event would actually be or how much it would cost.

I know now that it’s like a fitness trade show for consumers. You can bring your whole family and everyone can get a workout and tips for living a more active lifestyle. The video below will give you more information.

My ballet instructor will be doing a demonstration and asked if anyone in the class would be going. So PS- I’ll be a part of the Flirty Girl Fitness demo at 10:30AM. See you there!


Party at Ponce City Market… Oct 1


The long abandoned City Hall East is now Ponce City Market, a multipurpose reuse development comprised of office, retail and dining spaces.

And to celebrate this new development, they are hosting a big party. I’ve seen the sign on the building, but I didn’t realize it was coming so soon. Live music provided by Grammy Award winners, great food from Atlanta’s top chefs, and tours of the property will give guests a lot to see and do.

Remember this event is competing with MANY other events. CLICK HERE FORE MORE INFORMATION.

Tweet me when you get there @DineWithDani and let me know how it goes.

5 Ways to Screw up a Wine Pairing

In the August issue, executive wine editor Ray Isle names the best summer value wines. Here, he explains how you can do wrong by those fantastic bottles in a new series called What Not to Do.

1. Artichokes.
Artichokes hate wine. They grow on their little stalks thinking, “I hate wine. Ooh, I hate it. I’m gonna grow here for a while, then I’m gonna go mess up some wine.” The reason they do that is that artichokes have a compound called cynarin in them that basically makes wine taste awful. If you’re dead set on eating artichokes and drinking wine with them, the best option is a light-bodied, unoaked white wine like a Grüner Veltliner from Austria. But you’d be best off with beer: a nice brown ale ought to work just fine.

2. Serve your wine too warm (if it’s red) or too cold (if it’s white).
Warm red wine tastes alcoholic and flabby. Serve reds a little below room temperature and they’re not only more pleasant to drink, but they taste better with food (throw them in the fridge for 30 minutes before you pour them). Icy cold whites don’t taste like anything, so pull them out of the fridge a few minutes before serving.

3. Try to make two stars share the table.
This doesn’t work in Hollywood, and it doesn’t work at your house, either. If you have a truly extraordinary wine to pour, serve it with a simple dish. If you’re spending 15 hours trying to re-create one of Thomas Keller‘s intricate recipes fromThe French Laundry Cookbook, pour something good—but not equally spectacular.

4. Serve oily fish with tannic red wine.
Fish oils react harshly with tannins, so don’t, for instance, serve mackerel with Cabernet—unless you like the taste you get from licking a roll of pennies. With oily fish, skip the reds entirely and go white. Any of the crisp, minerally seaside wines: Albarino from Spain, Vermentino from Italy, Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s Pacific coast. All of those are good options.

5. Overthink the whole thing.
Really. This is the biggest way to screw up a wine pairing, not because the wine and food will taste bad together, but because you’ll turn yourself into a neurotic mess who makes Woody Allen seem like a Zen buddhist. Most wines can happily live alongside most foods, in a kind of neutral you-go-your-way-and-I’ll-go-mine state. Just stay away from those artichokes.


Atlanta Greek Festival… Sept 29- Oct 2

I attend the Atlanta Greek Festival every year. No, I am not Greek, but I do LOVE the cuisine. It’s such a relaxing festival to attend. Not at all over sized or overdone.

When you enter, there are normally booths for raffles and information about trips to Greece. I’ve always wanted to go. Beyond that, the stage is usually straight ahead- at the back of the fair grounds. That’s where you’ll find the live music, dance performances and more.

To your right is where you’ll find some food. Souvlaki, spanikopita, mousaka, pilaf, etc.– all for an awesome price. But bring cash! If you turn around 90 degrees from the food, you’ll see the children’s play area, which is usually shaded and fairly crowded.

Inside the church, there are vendors selling Greek art, jewelry, fashions, home decor and tchotchkes. They make nice reminders of the festival. But my favorite thing inside the church are the pastries. In what I would call the “fellowship hall” are women selling every Greek pastry you can think of. The lines look long, but they move. This is where you can buy my faves baklava and loukoumades.

There are also educational workshops about the Greek Orthodox Church, Greek mythology, live cooking demos and more. There are so many things to do and see that it would impossible to see them all in one day, however, I try to do as much as possible since the Greek Festival is always competing with some other outdoor festival. This year it’s the BBQ Fest at Atlantic Station.


PS- parking is off site; a shuttle drives back and forth to avoid overcrowding. They’ve thought of everything!

I hope to see you there. Remember, if you make the trip to tweet me @DineWithDani and I’ll RT you.

Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival…. Sept 30- Oct 1

This year marks the 3rd Annual Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival. Join fellow BBQ lovers at the Atlantic Station Festival Grounds. This event boasts some of the best BBQ in the city, from well known establishments and backyard masters alike. These teams will compete for the title of Best BBQ in Atlanta.

Go hungry and bring cash! Samples cost one ticket ($1) and go pretty quickly at the most popular booths. While there, enjoy the live music, children’s play area and other entertainment. And remember to get your tickets in advance to avoid the lines. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.








This will be my first time attending. I’m very excited. Of course, as always, if you are there tweet me @DineWithDani and I’ll RT you!

BBQ, Blues & Bluegrass… Aug 20 @ 4pm- 10pm

One thing I love about the City of Decatur is the number of festivals hosted every year. I’m not one for bluegrass or the blues, but I do love BBQ! And I hear Fox Bros is the best. They will be providing the food at this festival. The $5-15 cover (based on age) includes entry and live music. Food is an additional cost. Remember this event is a fundraiser for Decatur.

This event is held at Harmony Park in the Oakhurst neighborhood in Decatur. This is fun for the whole family. Don’t forget your lawn chairs, blankets and cash! Outside food and drink are not permitted.

I’ll see you there. Tweet me if you check it out and I’ll RT you.. @DineWithDani



Travel Edition… Day Trip to Asheville

I was unable to attend the innaugural Food & Wine Festival in Atlanta, but I think this summer has given another opportunity. Asheville, North Carolina will host their first Food & Wine Festival this month! Wish Asheville less than 200 miles away from Atlanta, this could be a great day trip. Ticket prices seem reasonable. All I need are a few foodie friends to say they are down and I’ll be ready to roll. Let me know what you think? Do you think the food in Asheville would be worth the drive? I’ve never been.


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