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Brick Store Pub… the #2 Beer Bar in the WORLD

My first time at Brick Store Pub was in my senior year of college. That was during my phase of high heels every day, cosmopolitans at every meal and trying to find my own version of “Sex and the City” in Atlanta. I was dating a guy who loved dive bars, but true to form I did my best to go with the flow.

His cousin and I formed an easy friendship due to our love of film, books and mocking him. And once after a day of shopping second hand books in the Decatur Square, we decided to get some lunch. When you’re out with a vegetarian you have to be very flexible because there are only so many places that will accommodate their dietary needs. She mentioned Brick Store Pub because of their veggie burger and I went with it. I walked in and saw the brick walls, the strange art, the wooden staircase and the leather bound menus—and I thought “oh great”. I won’t go into detail about that experience as it was MANY years ago. But I will tell you that I’m writing this post (and several others) from that very pub with a beer in hand.

Brick Store is one of my favorite spots in the City of Decatur. The food is pretty tasty, but my favorite thing is everyone’s favorite thing: The Drink Menu! It’s the #2 beer bar in the world according to Beer Advocate Magazine. With more than ten pages of options for the connoisseur of Belgians, ciders, dark ales, craft beers, etc.—Brick Store Pub will have something for everyone—even those who don’t drink beer.

PS- if you get a burger (which I always do) make sure you try the red pepper mayonnaise on the side. I put a thin layer on sandwiches and dunk my fries in the rest!

I want every pub I visit to be this awesome!

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Oysters and Beer at Fontaine’s– a VaHi bar

My first Guinness! LOVE.

Light Fixture at Fontaine's
Fontaine’s Oyster House in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta is easy to overlook—as it’s nestled between several bars, restaurants and shops right in the square. But what makes Fontaine’s cool to me is its approach. It’s less like a seafood restaurant and more like a bar that serves seafood. That’s largely due to it’s dimly lit, hole in the wall atmosphere with casual friendly service.


I love oysters, so I knew that I would order that. I was very curious about the popular lobster bisque and the chalk board specials. On Wednesday, you’ll find $3 Guinness and half-price crab legs. So I ordered it all. The lobster bisque was buttery and tasty, but not the best I’ve ever had. The crab legs were crab legs. The oysters were oysters. And my first Guinness was the greatest thing ever…

Final verdict: Fontaine’s is cool, but not amazing. I’ll definitely go back because I love how casual and well priced it is, but not because the food is great.

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Booze, billiards and bocce… a night at Ormsby’s

After a marathon day of meetings, a coworker asked me if I had set up my blog yet. I covered my face in shame because I had told her I would do it over the weekend prior. Knowing that I had no real excuse for not doing it, I immediately buckled down and purchased a domain name, web hosting and a theme. After about two hours of fumbling around- Dine with Dani went live.


I looked at the clock and realized that I was late for a friend’s birthday celebration. A perfect way to start my blog!

I hopped in my car and headed to west midtown, specifically the understated-cool White Provisions District, a collection of repurposed warehouses and offices now boasting several restaurants, home décor stores and art galleries. Ormsby’s, hidden among them, is located beside Knoll and beneath Room and Board, which are across from Yeah Burger (more on that to come).

Upon entering, the low lighting on the wood paneled walls gave the spot the feel of an urban chalet. I’d been there before without much exploration, so this was the first time that I was actually going downstairs. The space opened up into what felt like the modern basement of a sophisticated frat house at a college in the mountains. A full bar, pool tables, dart boards and (surprisingly) bocce ball were all available under the surface of this simple establishment. I admit I immediately had a whole new respect for Ormsby’s.

After hellos and introductions, a toast with Jack and Ginger commenced and the party seemed to begin in the midst of it all. The staff at Ormsby’s was pleasant. The drinks were strong, but moderately priced. And then came a selection of hot dogs. Yes, hot dogs.

The Chicago Style Dog and the Chili Dog, both angus beef and served with fries, were lauded and hailed by all in the party. The former, topped with with mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes and peppers, seemed like a lot, but the flavor was amazing. The latter, topped in homemade chili, “house-made cheese whiz” and onions made everyone stop talking and point at what they had just put in their mouths; a clear sign that there are no words for what is going on in there.

The calamari was decent. It didn’t get the reception that the hot dogs received, but I think it’s because I forgot to tell them what I’m about to tell you: watch out for the fried lemons! Everything used to season calamari at other restaurants is battered and deep fried alongside the squid. A fried lemon may sound like an interesting idea, but trust me- you do not want to be caught off guard by this zingy-yet-bitter snack.

Anyway, the hot dogs are all I have to speak to in the way of food at Ormsby’s, but I thoroughly enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. All-in-all, I give Ormsby’s a thumbs up!

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