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Weekly Meal Deals from Creative Loafing!

I love to cook, but I started this site to share my recommendations for dining out. Its a fairly expensive habit, but I’ve discover tips (lunch specials, happy hours, etc.) and tools (scoutmob, groupon, etc.) to make it a little more affordable. I recently found out about Creative Loafing’s Atlanta Restaurant Deals. The offers include discounts, pre-fixe menus and more. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Farm Burger… Locally Grown Goodness

courtesy of @So_Bran_Nunu

Grabbed a No.1 (no bacon, no fries). Burger was perfectly grilled (still juicy), the onions were sweet and delicious, no Farm Burger Sauce needed. The sauce is like a spicy mayonnaise- avoid if you’re not a mayo person. Slowly I’m becoming a flavored mayo lover. Can’t wait to go back for more.

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WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Where Everyone Knows Your Name

My absolute favorite lunch spot is of course in West Midtown, near my day job. It’s a restaurant and market all in one. And I can’t tell you how good I feel every time I go! Let me start by saying that this place is NOT cheap. It’s “Whats For Lunch”, but I’d hardly call it a deal. My average meal is $15, but I never regret a DIME.

What is this place? Star Provisions To-Go.

If a busy day forced me to eat at my desk, Star Provisions was top pick!

TRUE STORY: Last week, I called in a pot pie for the first time. I was so excited. I’ve been surprised by every dish there and I knew the pot pie wouldn’t disappoint. On the way there, my coworker asked me to call in a sandwich for her. The guy taking our order asked for a credit card number to hold the order. I stammered in confusion because I’ve never been asked for that. My friend went boiling mad and screamed “For a sandwich? NO!” I recollected myself and said we would be there in five. The voice on the other end sounded more familiar and answered okay.

When I walked in, the regular cashier greeted me and pulled my order without even asking what I’d come in for. I introduced my coworker. She of course proceeded to ask if it was S.O.P. to take a credit card number for a sandwich to which he responded, “all you had to say was that you were with Dani.” LOL!

I was so flattered. It always feels good when the places you love- love you back. And I truly feel that way when I dine at Star Provision To-Go. They love the food, they love their customers and we love them!

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend that you order your food in person so that you have time to wander around the marketplace. The coffee stand, the cheese shop, the butcher, the bakery and the home décor are all perfect. The indoor/outdoor feel is bright and energizing—even in the winter.

My favorite sandwich is the Prosciutto. And don’t overlook the fruit salad, it’ll surprise you.

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WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Strip, the restaurant

Atlantic Station has some of the most high traffic restaurants in Midtown. And this gentrified, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood has another one of my favorite lunch spots: Strip (part of Here To Serve Restaurants) is located directly between the movie theater and Rosa Mexicano.

I recommend Strip because they offer 3 daily $10 specials. (1)  Miso soup, crunchee roll, cheesecake, (2) Small salad, cheeseburger, cheesecake, (3) Small salad, chef’s special, cheesecake. I vote for the chef’s special. My last visit was steelhead served over southwest chipotle linguine with black beans and corn. DEELISH. Lunch-date Jonesy was completely jealous, even though she devoured her juicy cheeseburger.


One of the things I love about Strip is the variety of seating options. Downstairs has the long bar, the dining room, the patio and a private room. Upstairs you’ll find the sushi bar, the lounge, the deck and a small dance floor (depending on the night). And further upstairs you’ll find another rooftop bar.

Strip may not be my favorite restaurant, but it’s cool. It is consistent and the food is pretty good. Try the lobster sliders. And when enjoying their fabulous drinks, try to remember that the underground parking is only free for the first two hours.

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WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Custom Italian Meals

Figo is another one of my favorite spots to grab lunch. Its fast, tasty and cost effective. This osteria allows you to customize your Italian meal. Pick you pasta. Pick your sauce. And maybe add some meat. The options are endless! Whole wheat penne, pesto sauce, with chicken! Crab ravioli with mushroom sauce! Linguine, arrabiatta sauce, with shrimp!

Now Figo offers lunch specials. My favorite is the salad and short pasta combo. I usually get the Caesar salad served with spinach penne with pecorino and lemon sauce. The soup/salad and sandwich combo is also a good bet. The portions are decent for $6-8, you can’t really beat it!

I love going in to order at the counter and being given a customized pepper grinder as the marker for whatever table I choose. Like any Italian restaurant, olive oil and bread with parmesan comes to your table as a starter. The atmosphere is light and casual. And I always feel more than welcome by the friendly staff and even the cooks in the open kitchen!

I don’t eat at Figo every day, but whenever I dine there- I feel that urge to go back for my next meal. And with locations across Atlanta, it’s very easy to do!

PS- ask for additional sauce if you order the Bolognese.

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WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Best Fish Tacos


Taqueria del Sol is true to its name. It is a taqueria, which is the Spanish word for a place that serves tacos.

And at Taqueria del Sol you will find only 5 tacos, 3 enchiladas, a handful of sides and endless margaritas. And depending on the location and hour of day, there could be a line out the door.

How does a place with such a limited menu have such a loyal following? They’ve perfected the few items that they offer. The fish taco is simple; lightly breaded, fried, served with jalapeno tartar sauce and pickled jalapeno slices. No slaw, no guacamole, nothing fancy to ruin it. Just a good old fashioned flour tortilla taco! The same description fits everything on the menu. No frills, just good ingredients resulting in good food!

My favorites are the fish taco, the shrimp and corn chowder, the chicken enchilada with pork green chili sauce. What does Dani love MOST? The price. With tacos under $2.25 each, you can get one of each and still come in under budget! It’s a great lunch deal!

There are only three locations in metro-Atlanta and one in Athens, so you may find lunch there a challenge. But it’s worth the stop if you are ever in the area. Don’t be put off by the line, because it moves quickly. And remember, those people aren’t lined up for nothing!
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