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Try This… Vegan Potato Salad

No, I’m not vegan. And I have NO intention of ever giving up animal products or animal by-products. But I like EVERY ingredient in this salad. I can’t imagine it won’t taste delicious. So this is an EASY recipe that I’ll be trying this weekend. I might even pair it with a grilled white fish. And crisp, fruity glass of white wine. Let me know if you do and what you think.

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Cooking With Chef Paul Luna at Lunacy Black Market

My dear friend #TwitterlessHarvey has introduced me to many Atlanta restaurants. I have to admit DineWithDani might be better named anything that references him. My favorite of all of our restaurant outings has to be the cooking class with famed Atlanta chef Paul Luna– of Loca Luna and Eclipse Di Luna popularity. While he is no longer affiliated with those establishments, in 2010 he embarked on a new venture in Downtown Atlanta, Lunacy Black Market.

Located on Mitchell Street between Spring and Forsyth, this small eatery is only open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday. But one particular Tuesday evening, Chef Paul opened his doors for three of his favorite customers and me. I had never eaten at Lunacy nor had the pleasure of meeting Chef Paul—so I jumped at the chance to join Harvey for a cooking class.

Upon arriving, we sat in the small dining room designed purposefully with mismatched tables and chairs, mismatched glassware, flatware and silverware, and artwork that made me do a double take. I thought that was where we would spend our night, but when Chef Paul called the four of us into the kitchen I got giddy; we were going to get a live cooking demonstration in his kitchen! And so we did. The kitchen, much like the dining room, was a hodgepodge pieces with nothing matching. So naturally I loved it.

Even though he is known for his “flamboyant” and “over-the-top” personality, I was pleased and put at ease with his casual warm manner. He didn’t tell us what we were doing or making. And after ensuring we all had a glass of wine he dove right in.


Try this… My Personal Recipe for Ceviche (muito facil)

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First, let me start with two things: (1) Ceviche is a South American dish; the country of it’s exact origins is not clear. (2) It can be served many ways; so don’t be disappointed if it looks different every time you order in a restaurant. Sometimes its fish, shrimp, scallops, calamari or a mix of all of that and more. Whatever the main ingredient, I prefer mine fairly spicy and without tomato sauce or fruit.

That type of Ceviche is one of my favorite things to make now that I know how easy it is. While hanging at the bar formerly known as Beleza, the chef shared a simple recipe with me. I of course modified to fit what I had at home. It came out pretty good, so I tried it again with better ingredients. And here we have my personal simple recipe for Ceviche.

What you’ll need:

— Tools

  • Cutting board(s)
  • knives (i tend to use my santoku knife for everything!)
  • citrus juicer (the simpler the better)
  • 1 1-quart dish with cover (i guess tupperware would work, but I use a french white corningware baking dish)
  • 1 wooden spoon (a spatula or spoonula would work. Truthfully i use my santoku knife!)


$20 Dinner with Chef Ryan Smith… plus two recipes

(As written by Wyatt Williams for Creative Loafing  5/2/11)

Behind the pecky cypress-paneled dining room of Empire State South, executive chef Ryan Smith is standing in the kitchen. A hog’s head brines in a pot to his side. A nearby white board is covered with notes like “SIX HAMS OFF CURE MAY 10.” He’s arranged a spread of groceries from the Sweet Auburn Curb Market on the counter in front of him, assessing how best to use the vegetables and legumes — okra, corn, butter beans, pink-eyed peas — that he casually purchased without much of a plan earlier this morning. At the center of the spread, though, are a few cuts that make Smith’s meal a truly under-twenty-dollar affair: two pig ears, a couple of smoked ham hocks, and a big, flat piece of tripe. Hugh Acheson, the pretty “Top Chef Masters” star and part owner of Empire State South, saunters over in pristine chef whites behind Smith and cracks, “Pig ears? Tripe? Yeah, like anyone is going to make that.”

To read more click HERE.

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Check This Out…Apps to Bring Out Your Inner Chef

I live by my iPhone! I rely on apps to do EVERYTHING. It can tell me what’s new and how to get there, what to cook and what I need to make it, even whats around me and exactly what to order! I occasionally make mention of my favorite apps (scoutmob, opentable, urbanspoon), but Us Weekly actually created their own list based on recommendations from Celebrity Chefs, which I thought I’d share with you… 

-MARTHA’S EVERYDAY FOOD: FRESH & EASY RECIPES: For 99 cents, the app sends alerts for daily dinner ideas. And it uses your current location to find grocery stores near you! Why it’s hot: You can share your fave recipes on Facebook and Twitter.

-FOOD NETWORK IN THE KITCHEN: You can access 45,000 recipes from the network’s stars and new seasonal menus are updated each month ($1.99). Why it’s hot: Save favorite recipes in an online recipe box. Plus, use in-app timers to never burn a meal again!

-GORDON RAMSAY COOK WITH ME: Screaming fits not included! Outside of Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay offers 56 recipes with guides and pictures ($7.99). Why it’s hot: The app offers wine pairings and an email function to invite to friends to enjoy the meal.

-NIGELLA QUICK COLLECTION: The kitchen goddess guides fans through 70 recipes with 40 minutes of video instructions ($7.99). Why it’s hot: You can make a shopping lists from recipes, then work through the recipes using voice control without even touching your phone.

-JAMIE OLIVER 20 MINUTE MEALS: If you liked his Food Revolution TV
show, you’ll love the British chef’s easy recipes ($7.99). Why it’s hot: Step-by-step pictures illustrate each recipe, and in 90 minutes of video Oliver teaches his tricks and basic kitchen tips.

-TYLER FLORENCE FAST: Picking from the app’s 500 recipes is easy. At the store, type in salmon and 15 recipes pop up! The Food Network chef tells Us ($4.99). Why it’s hot: Need recipe help? Use the app to email the chef or to chat with other users.

Thanks to Tonya M. Fleetwood.

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