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Atlanta Hotel Restaurant Week ($25 pp) April 2-9

Participating Restaurants

If you are a fan of the popular and established restaurant weeks around town, you are going to fall in love with the first annual Hotel Restaurant Week taking place in Atlanta Saturday April 2 through Saturday, April 9, 2011. Originally conceived to change the ‘special occasion only’ stereotype often associated with hotel dining, Hotel Restaurant Week is taking Atlanta by storm with its impressive list of participating hotel restaurants

The citywide event will offer diners a three-course dinner for just $25 per person (not including tax, tip). Participating restaurants are Park 75 at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, Spice Market at W Midtown, Livingston Restaurant & Bar at Georgian Terrace, BLT at W Downtown, eleven at Loews Atlanta, Paces 88 at St. Regis Atlanta, Lobby at Twelve, Room at Twelve, Au Pied de Cochon at the InterContinental Buckhead hotel and The Café at The Mansion on Peachtree.

Created by Robert Gerstenecker, executive chef of Park 75 restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, Gerstenecker says the campaign isn’t just about giving Atlantans an incentive to treat themselves to a night out, it’s an invitation to start thinking di!erently about the restaurant options available in the city.

“I want to change the way people think about hotel dining,” Gerstenecker says. “Instead of just considering Park 75 for celebrations, I want diners to think of us for date nights and dinner with the family.” Gerstenecker explains, “I hope Hotel Restaurant Week will remind locals that we are open every night of the week and it doesn’t require a birthday cake to enjoy a meal here.”

In recent years there’s been a significant shift away from corporate cuisine in hotel restaurants and towards locally-focused foods and trends, giving both the tourist and business traveler a true taste of the city while offering local patrons plates that push the boundaries past club sandwiches and Caesar salads.

“Over the past few decades, boutique hotels to select service properties are embracing sustainability and local food producers and letting their chefs—who have amazing global resumes—reflect that on the menu,” says Jeanne Bischo!, vice president, publisher and part owner of Hotel Food & Beverage magazine. “We are 100 percent convinced that this Atlanta event is going to resonate across the country and be a phenomenon.”

Think of it as exploring a whole new world of restaurants without venturing outside the perimeter.

“I want this to be better than other restaurant weeks,” Gerstenecker says. “I want to bring people into my kitchen and give them tours of the terrace garden and bee apiary so they’re really exposed to what we do here. I want them to feel like a part of this hotel instead of only thinking of us as part of the Atlanta skyline.

Executive Chef Zeb Stevenson of Livingston Bar & Restaurant couldn’t agree more. “I want diners to feel the history that is behind this modern and sleek restaurant. I am excited to be a part of the first ever Hotel Restaurant Week and witness this innovative event grow into something even bigger in the years to come.”

Sponsors are the Georgia Restaurant Association, illy co!ee, FIJI Water, Atlanta Concierge Society, Atlanta Magazine, Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, Hotel F & B, OpenTable, Park 75 and M-Squared Public Relations.


The Ides of March… Celebrate with a Caesar Salad

I remember learning that the 15 of March was historically called the Ides of March when I was in grade school. Why did I need to remember? Because it is recorded as the day that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his friends in the Roman Senate. Random it seems, but it got me to thinking about caeasar salads and whether they were named after the same man. It wasn’t!

Contrary to popular belief, the caesar salads was named for Mexican restaurateur Cesar Cardini. Again, random! Cardini, an Italian immigrant, served them in the 1920s as finger food. They were popularized by people like the Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Warfield Simpson), who is best known as the American divorcee that King Edward VIII of England abdicated the throne to marry- forcing the current Queen Elizabeth into direct line for the crown (for details see the 2011 Academy Awards Winner for Best Actor and Best Film “The Kings Speech“).

Anywho, this simple salad is usually the salad of choice for me. I’ll be sure to eat one today, even though July 4th is National Caesar Salad Day. I know! Random, right?

Thank you Qualipedia.

Random Food Knowledge

Food Infographic

“I wouldn’t have known anything about this awesome infographic if not for my internet savvy, fabulously endowed colleague Kristy “PR Empress Extraordinaire” Wright. Thank you Kristy. You are a gentleman and a scholar.”

PS- Kristy wrote that herself as credit for passing along this info. LOL!

Urban Gardening: Necessity Turned Hipster Trend

(As written by Pha Lo for Salon.)

To me, the organic food movement has become dizzyingly, surreally chic. Farmers have become rock stars; the most exclusive restaurants name-check them so much you can almost see dirt on the menu. But before organic produce exploded into a $25 billion industry, before city gardening became cool, I grew up in a Hmong refugee community, living the urban organic lifestyle not because it was fashionable, but because we were poor. I couldn’t wait to leave it behind.

I grew up in Del Paso Heights, a mixed-race inner city of Sacramento, Calif. — the kind of neighborhood that had just two grocery stores between endless fast-food and liquor shops, and where we all paid for our groceries with food stamps. It was where we grew organic food and raised chickens in our backyards to survive. And where we did it in secrecy.

To read more of Pha Lo’s story at click here.

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