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Ugly Fruits and Veggies Find Love in France

I am guilty of skipping over the ugly fruits and veggies at my local grocer and farmers market. But I never thought about the amount of food waste that creates. French super markets have found a solution for this problem! It eliminates waste AND save families money in the process. Check out the video below! Maybe the U.S. should take a queue from the French on this one!


Travel Edition… Annabelle’s in San Francisco

In June I traveled to San Francisco for a conference. Not only was it colder than I expected, but I was far busier than I anticipated. I thought I’d have time to go out for dinner at night. But working a conference and attending one are far different experiences. Anyway, I ate hotel food for about three days before I decided to go AWOL  for dinner. A teammate of mine had disappeared every night for a drink at the spot across the street. He said the food was good, but I wasn’t convinced. Annabelle’s looks like that same bar that’s across the street from every hotel with dry burgers, frozen chicken fingers and bland quesadillas. Boy was I wrong.

When some of other girls my age who were working the conference invited me to dinner, I accepted. The only thing visible from the hotel lobby was the bar area at Annabelle’s. So when we walked in and saw into the dining area and kitchen I was more impressed.

Most of the men at the conference were at least my father’s age and hilariously unafraid to flirt with a twenty-something (which, PS is totally unflattering– hence the abrupt dismissals). While waiting for a table we encountered a man waiting to dine alone. During our brief conversation, we shared that we were celebrating a birthday and learned that he had daughters our age. He wished the birthday girl the best. When we reached our table he’d sent over champagne, but he disappeared before we could thank him. Super sweet and exactly what we needed to wake up our palates before our appetizers.


Travel Edition… Day Trip to Asheville

I was unable to attend the innaugural Food & Wine Festival in Atlanta, but I think this summer has given another opportunity. Asheville, North Carolina will host their first Food & Wine Festival this month! Wish Asheville less than 200 miles away from Atlanta, this could be a great day trip. Ticket prices seem reasonable. All I need are a few foodie friends to say they are down and I’ll be ready to roll. Let me know what you think? Do you think the food in Asheville would be worth the drive? I’ve never been.


Travel Edition… Taste of Chicago June 24- July 3

In 2009 I attended Taste of Chicago. All the locals said the economy had forced the event to scale down, it was still crazy to me. I was in the city on business, so i didn’t have much time to taste very much food, but it was still an awesome experience.

I’m always a fan of “Taste of” events. A friend texted me this week saying he was headed to Chicago for the Taste. I was admittedly jealous. And then i thought back:

Thousands of people, long lines and hot as fire temperatures– all crammed into a small portion of Grant Park. I’ll take my chances with Taste of Atlanta in October.

But in case you intend to run to Chicago for the undoubtedly AWESOME food, here is the link. Enjoy.

Travel Edition… Voodoo Lounge in Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas in January to celebrate boyfriend’s birthday. It was a different sort of Vegas for me since it was a family trip. There wasn’t a whole lot of partying. But there was a LOT of gambling (Texas Hold Em), a good amount of drinking (bloody mary’s while gambling), and an overdose on Las Vegas buffets. We were there for quite a while, but one night afforded us dinner alone. And I could NOT take another buffet.  So we took the shuttle to Rio and a hidden elevator to Voodoo Lounge.

All i can say is DEELISH! If you get tired of buffets and wanna blow the cash you won in Texas Hold Em- make your way to Rio. Voodoo is totally worth the trip.

Voodoo Steak & Lounge (Rio) on Urbanspoon

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