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The OMG Diet… Six Weeks to… the ER?

I hadn’t heard of The OMG Diet until I saw this clip from Bethenny Frankel‘s new talk show. It doesn’t air where I live, but I’ve enjoyed all the clips that I’ve seen. Bethenny has become something of a healthy living resource. She graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute and has published several diet and exercise books. Here is her opinion on the book (see below for mine).

I’m not an expert, but I do think a lot about what I eat. I’m related to Nutritionist who keeps the family on their toes. And I intend post a lot more about healthy eating on this site.

The book is called “Six Weeks to OMG”. See below for the book overview listed on… If this diet appeals to you, I hope you’ll consult a Medical Doctor AS WELL AS a Registered Dietitian. Good luck. (more…)

Food, Inc… Reconsidering what I consume now

"A must see!" --DineWithDani

When it came out, I was told that it was a gruesome depiction of the food industry intended to insight fear in consumers– so I never went to see it or rent it. Recently a friend announced that she was off meat after seeing a documentary on how meat is processed, so I had to know more.

After seeing Food, Inc. for myself (only seconds ago), I HIGHLY recommend it. Your threshold for blood and guts may be much lower than mine. And with that said, I want to warn you that there are some images of animal slaughter. But, to be honest, I understand that animals have to die for me to eat them, so… It was actually the statistics on corn by-products, protein-feed, dark houses, ammonia cleansing, antibiotics, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that made me nervous.

I’ve been doing my best to buy local and organic produce for a long time, but I never considered how meat made it to my table. Here and now I pledge to seek out, support and promote small, local, cage-free, organic, grass-fed farms and dairies. Thank you Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser for shedding some light.

The final sequence of the film really hit home: It is so much cheaper to eat unhealthy foods; a fast food hamburger is cheaper than a head of broccoli. But we don’t have to settle for what is given to us. We can decide! You vote for what is provided in stores every time the cashier scans the items in your basket. If we buy better foods, the retailers will stock more of it. And the more they stock the cheaper it becomes. It’s a cycle that we as consumers control without knowing!

Below is the trailer. The full-length documentary is available online at Netflix, iTunes (rent $4.99) and Amazon (instant video $2.99). Check it out.

Watch This… “The Chew” on ABC next week

I’ll be DVR’ing this show on September 26. I know there are plenty of shows about cooking, entertaining and dining out on cable, but here is one on ABC! I’m actually very excited. Like me, I’m sure you can’t get away from the ads and sneak peaks. I’m a fan over EVERYONE on the panel, so I hope it lives up to the hype.

Travel Edition… Voodoo Lounge in Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas in January to celebrate boyfriend’s birthday. It was a different sort of Vegas for me since it was a family trip. There wasn’t a whole lot of partying. But there was a LOT of gambling (Texas Hold Em), a good amount of drinking (bloody mary’s while gambling), and an overdose on Las Vegas buffets. We were there for quite a while, but one night afforded us dinner alone. And I could NOT take another buffet. ┬áSo we took the shuttle to Rio and a hidden elevator to Voodoo Lounge.

All i can say is DEELISH! If you get tired of buffets and wanna blow the cash you won in Texas Hold Em- make your way to Rio. Voodoo is totally worth the trip.

Voodoo Steak & Lounge (Rio) on Urbanspoon

Metropolitan Cooking Show… with the Neely’s

In May I attended the Metropolitan Cooking Show. Media credentials didn’t really allow much access to the top names and celebrity chefs. So I purchased tickets to the Neely’s cookbook signing. Pat and Gina Neely are super funny! The short time that I stood in line for them to sign my book was extremely enjoyable. Even afterward, I stuck around to laugh with them. I hope that DineWithDani will have opportunity to interact with them more intimately this year.

This video has no real content. You can’t even hear what we are saying to each other. But I love them now!

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