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Metropolitan Cooking Show… with Paula Deen

Last month I attended the Metropolitan Cooking Show in Atlanta… The organizers were kind enough to allow me to ask Paula Deen a question. I had NO IDEA what to ask her, but it didn’t matter. My moment was hi-jacked when part of the audience left to attend another demonstration. It’s actually pretty funny. I make a quick cameo in the video even though I’m filming. Enjoy.

It’s What the Cool Kids are Doing… Underground Supper Clubs

A few weeks ago, while watching the Food2, I realized that it wasn’t just a spinoff of the Food Network as I had long assumed. I realized that this channel spoke to me! At least the content during that random time of day seemed to, anyway. I watched Jamie Oliver smoke a salmon filet using a random cookie tin, fishing wire, thin slices of wood chips and a gas stove. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen done on a food program, because it was almost guerilla-style cooking—like if McGuyver where a chef!

The next program was about unusual food, but not in a roasted grasshopper kind of way. It was more of the McGuyver style food preparation being done across the country. And I was hooked! Finally at the end of the episode, there was a segment about “Underground Supper Clubs”; the kind of experience that seems completely rational, but so rare that it sounds unfathomable. Chefs invite people (generally strangers) into their home (or a secret location) for an innovative and elaborate meal. I immediately wanted to know more, but with the next intriguing show I completely forgot to do any research.

A week later a dear friend from high school and I reconnected and he invited me to dinner, but he wasn’t clear on the details because it was at someone’s home. You can imagine my excitement. “Like an underground supper club,” I asked with the enthusiasm of a kid trying to decipher clues about their birthday present. “Uh, I guess” may as well have been the response I got. It was Sunday night, somewhere in Grant Park at a friend of a friend of a friend’s.

When Sunday came around, I met my friend at his place. He plugged the address into his phone’s gps and we were off. The neighborhood was sketchy, but I kept my fingers crossed that the food wouldn’t be. We parked and walked up the street to a cute craftsman style home on a narrow street. The hostess greeted us warmly, introductions were made and drink orders were taken. I went for the beer (don’t ask me to recall which one).

As more people showed up, it was clear that everyone had a connection to the hostess and her chef husband through someone else who wasn’t in attendance. Everyone admired the simplicity of the quirky décor, the art work, the drinks, etc. The conversation in general was pleasant. I met a judge, a lawyer, a publicist and even the owner of a “popsicle” company! Finally it was dinner time.

The dining table was set for 6 and the breakfast bar that looked into the kitchen sat 4. Of course we wanted to see our food being prepared so we grabbed the bar seats. More introductions and the first course was served: a roasted beet salad with orange marmalade vinaigrette, baby arugala, gorgonzola and walnuts.  Delish! In conversation my friend noted how beets were the food du jour. Every chef in America is trying new things with beets. Kind of like Brie in the 1990s.

The second course, a surprise addition, was a homemade cream of onion soup served in a mug for sipping. It was fantastic. I actually wished that it came in a can that I could buy at the store because it was perfect. The third course and main entrée was served family style: tagliatelle, with roasted amish chicken, brussel sprouts leaves, French horn mushrooms and bacon. I had never heard of tagliatelle, nor had I ever eaten amish chicken. But this dish went so fast that I didn’t even get a picture of it.

After that, the final course was the perfect dessert: chocolate pots de crème served with soft whipped mint cream topped with cookie crumbs. I’m not a big chocolate eater, but I have to say that it was well received by all and absolutely loved by me. The smoothness and mildness of it almost made forget what it was.

I am so happy I got the chance to experience underground dining. And I’m looking forward to the opening of the couple’s restaurant, StapleHouse. I wish them much success. And if the food at the restaurant is as great as what was served that Sunday- I know they’ll have success and more!

Thanks again to the Harvey and the Hidingers. (sounds like a band)

WATCH THIS… How to Deep Fry a Turkey

My Uncle Stan deep fries a turkey for EVERY holiday! I’ve never watched him do it, but I imagine he’s got it down to a science by now. I found this video on Good Morning America… If you are planning to deep fry a turkey this year for the first time… or even second time- PLEASE watch this video first. And then go back and watch my “Fire safety” video.

If the embedded video won’t play, use this link…

Take Aways:

(1) NEVER do this inside your house, in your garage, on your deck, near your kids or pets, or just behind your house… Execute well away from everything you love!

(2) NEVER Trust the fill line, always test it yourself with water before you fill and light the pot. See video for example.

(3) Place the bird in the fryer properly (cavity down) so that the oil will drain when you pull it out.

(4) Kids and cameras are often NOT a good combination, but I have to admit I laughed.

WATCH THIS… What To Do If You Set Your Kitchen on Fire!

This may be your first time hosting a holiday dinner and you want everything to be perfect. Please remember that 1 in 8 households will have a kitchen fire at some point during the year! So the video below shares some great tips for what NOT to do when you encounter one.

Take Aways:

(1) Do NOT throw water on a grease fire!

(2) Do NOT throw flour on a grease fire!

(3) Most clothes are combustive, so choose your cooking clothes carefully.

(4) Have a fire extinguisher and a phone handy!

(5) Let firefighters do their job!

WATCH THIS… Child Nutrition in America

As you know, I am very serious about ending Food Insecurity in America– especially where children are concerned. Here is a video to drive that message home. It also includes a bit about child obesity. For us, food is something we can enjoy and talk about as leisure, but for some its a luxury. Learn what you can do to help.

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