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Ugly Fruits and Veggies Find Love in France

I am guilty of skipping over the ugly fruits and veggies at my local grocer and farmers market. But I never thought about the amount of food waste that creates. French super markets have found a solution for this problem! It eliminates waste AND save families money in the process. Check out the video below! Maybe the U.S. should take a queue from the French on this one!


WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Where Everyone Knows Your Name

My absolute favorite lunch spot is of course in West Midtown, near my day job. It’s a restaurant and market all in one. And I can’t tell you how good I feel every time I go! Let me start by saying that this place is NOT cheap. It’s “Whats For Lunch”, but I’d hardly call it a deal. My average meal is $15, but I never regret a DIME.

What is this place? Star Provisions To-Go.

If a busy day forced me to eat at my desk, Star Provisions was top pick!

TRUE STORY: Last week, I called in a pot pie for the first time. I was so excited. I’ve been surprised by every dish there and I knew the pot pie wouldn’t disappoint. On the way there, my coworker asked me to call in a sandwich for her. The guy taking our order asked for a credit card number to hold the order. I stammered in confusion because I’ve never been asked for that. My friend went boiling mad and screamed “For a sandwich? NO!” I recollected myself and said we would be there in five. The voice on the other end sounded more familiar and answered okay.

When I walked in, the regular cashier greeted me and pulled my order without even asking what I’d come in for. I introduced my coworker. She of course proceeded to ask if it was S.O.P. to take a credit card number for a sandwich to which he responded, “all you had to say was that you were with Dani.” LOL!

I was so flattered. It always feels good when the places you love- love you back. And I truly feel that way when I dine at Star Provision To-Go. They love the food, they love their customers and we love them!

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend that you order your food in person so that you have time to wander around the marketplace. The coffee stand, the cheese shop, the butcher, the bakery and the home décor are all perfect. The indoor/outdoor feel is bright and energizing—even in the winter.

My favorite sandwich is the Prosciutto. And don’t overlook the fruit salad, it’ll surprise you.

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Parish… Grab a Seat at the Big Table

After the Halloween extravaganza that Boyfriend and I hosted—the only course of action was to grab some breakfast and go back to sleep. But true to self, waffle house, ihop, and even Ria’s Bluebird just would not do. I turned to my handy dandy UrbanSpoon tool to help me pick a restaurant for Sunday Brunch.

Parish!! I didn’t know they served my favorite meal of the day and now I had an excellent excuse to go!

Located on North Highland Ave in Inman Park, Parish is a bit of Louisiana in Atlanta. The rustic French décor and authentic New Orleans jazz made me smile. And after taking  our drink orders, our server brought over their version of dinner rolls—beignets. I think I reached a state of love at that moment, but the love didn’t last through the meal.

The menu looked delicious with dishes ranging from basic American Breakfast of eggs, bacon and potatoes to Brandy Milk Pain Perdu a house brioche, brandy custard, whipped creole cream cheese, candied pecans and local preserves. But I have to say that brunch was only so-so. The “Egg Boudreaux” (crab cakes and poached eggs with a spicy creole sauce) was delicious, but the potatoes, though well seasoned, were completely overcooked.

I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it wasn’t a regular thing. We were among the first guests that morning, but toward the end of our meal the crowd started to trickle in. I noticed a lot of people going downstairs to the market, so of course I decided to tour that on the way out.

THAT’S WHERE ALL THE PEOPLE WERE! The Market was packed. To the left of the stairs, the to-go counter had a long check out line, as did the coffee bar to the right. And the aromas coming from the open kitchen behind the to-go counter made me hungry all over again! The chalkboards named items that I weren’t on the regular menu upstairs and it made me want to give Parish another try.

In front of the coffee bar, there is a big picnic table where everyone ate cafeteria style. Around that were random items for purchase like tea, olive oil, chocolate, fruit and cookbooks. I loved it! And I saw why other people did too. I know now that next time I visit Parish, I’ll head straight to the market and claim a seat at the big table.

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