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Bone Lick BBQ… Uh, Pun Obviously Intended

Had the opportunity to try this spot at an event at work. The social committee somehow put together a miniature “Taste of Atlanta”. I was very pleased with the barbecue chicken wings. A little spice, but not too much (and I am sensitive to that kind of heat). And yes, I did want to lick the bone!

I’m looking forward to visiting for an after-work meal! Something that good should not be rushed.

Shout out to @AleSharpton who appears in the video below courtesy of ATLeats.

I thought I took a picture… sad face for my absent mindedness… next time!

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The Optimist… Seafood Done Right

In an earlier post I mentioned the mini “Taste of Atlanta” created by the social committee at my job. The Optimist was one of several participants. And may I say that it BLEW MY MIND! I tried the she crab soup with shrimp toast (OMG!) and the octopus salad (again OMG!). Okay I had two tasters of the soup. I’m such a kindergarten-er that I’ll probably order it every time i visit! It is THAT good. I’m looking forward to trying the items mentioned in the video below.














What I haven’t mentioned is that I used to work in the building that is NOW the site of the restaurant. I can’t wait to visit and see how different it looks and feels for myself.  Of course more pictures will be taken.


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Miller Union… Farm to Table Goodness

I had a solo lunch at this West Midtown eatery so long ago that I can’t really recall what I ordered. I came across these when organizing photos. Just know that I do recall enjoying that cocktail thoroughly! I remember it having the distinct flavor of thyme.

I had just seen Jamie Oliver make the pate-ish dish on tv, so I was excited to try it. I appreciated what it was, but I didn’t love it. I think that was more about my palate than the actual flavor.

Finally, I kept it simple with a fish sandwich at the recommendation of the server. Delish…

I think I should give Miller Union another try so that I can give you a proper recommendation.

I probably could have submitted these images to a popular food app, but I often forget that i have it. Anyway, I hope you found this somewhat useful.

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WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Where Everyone Knows Your Name

My absolute favorite lunch spot is of course in West Midtown, near my day job. It’s a restaurant and market all in one. And I can’t tell you how good I feel every time I go! Let me start by saying that this place is NOT cheap. It’s “Whats For Lunch”, but I’d hardly call it a deal. My average meal is $15, but I never regret a DIME.

What is this place? Star Provisions To-Go.

If a busy day forced me to eat at my desk, Star Provisions was top pick!

TRUE STORY: Last week, I called in a pot pie for the first time. I was so excited. I’ve been surprised by every dish there and I knew the pot pie wouldn’t disappoint. On the way there, my coworker asked me to call in a sandwich for her. The guy taking our order asked for a credit card number to hold the order. I stammered in confusion because I’ve never been asked for that. My friend went boiling mad and screamed “For a sandwich? NO!” I recollected myself and said we would be there in five. The voice on the other end sounded more familiar and answered okay.

When I walked in, the regular cashier greeted me and pulled my order without even asking what I’d come in for. I introduced my coworker. She of course proceeded to ask if it was S.O.P. to take a credit card number for a sandwich to which he responded, “all you had to say was that you were with Dani.” LOL!

I was so flattered. It always feels good when the places you love- love you back. And I truly feel that way when I dine at Star Provision To-Go. They love the food, they love their customers and we love them!

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend that you order your food in person so that you have time to wander around the marketplace. The coffee stand, the cheese shop, the butcher, the bakery and the home décor are all perfect. The indoor/outdoor feel is bright and energizing—even in the winter.

My favorite sandwich is the Prosciutto. And don’t overlook the fruit salad, it’ll surprise you.

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WHAT’S FOR LUNCH… Best Fish Tacos

from TaqueriadelSol.com

Taqueria del Sol is true to its name. It is a taqueria, which is the Spanish word for a place that serves tacos.

And at Taqueria del Sol you will find only 5 tacos, 3 enchiladas, a handful of sides and endless margaritas. And depending on the location and hour of day, there could be a line out the door.

How does a place with such a limited menu have such a loyal following? They’ve perfected the few items that they offer. The fish taco is simple; lightly breaded, fried, served with jalapeno tartar sauce and pickled jalapeno slices. No slaw, no guacamole, nothing fancy to ruin it. Just a good old fashioned flour tortilla taco! The same description fits everything on the menu. No frills, just good ingredients resulting in good food!

My favorites are the fish taco, the shrimp and corn chowder, the chicken enchilada with pork green chili sauce. What does Dani love MOST? The price. With tacos under $2.25 each, you can get one of each and still come in under budget! It’s a great lunch deal!

There are only three locations in metro-Atlanta and one in Athens, so you may find lunch there a challenge. But it’s worth the stop if you are ever in the area. Don’t be put off by the line, because it moves quickly. And remember, those people aren’t lined up for nothing!
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Restaurant Recommendation| JCT Kitchen… Atlanta’s Best Mussels

JCT cod

JCT Kitchen may be one of my favorite lunch places to eat during the week. Named for its location right near a junction in the railroad tracks, I can’t help but think that this restaurant is metaphorically the juncture between casual low country and upscale Atlanta. The southern chic décor makes it perfect for the neighborhood. Located in West Midtown and part of White Provision, JCT’s hidden location makes a find for those who haven’t walked through this new development.

This week I visited JCT for the millionth time, this time with the finalists for the Steve Harvey Morning Show’s Hillshire Farm Go Meat Mama Cook Off. Our party of six began the meal with cocktails, deviled eggs and truffle oil and parmesan fries.

JCT salmon sandwich

Truthfully, I’ve never met a JCT special that I didn’t like, but I went with my favorite thing on the menu. I ordered the appetizer of angry mussels as a entrée. These mussels are cooked with peppered bacon, serrano chile and onions. Hands down, the best mussels I’ve ever had. I daresay the best mussels in Atlanta.

The cook off finalists—women who pride themselves on their palate and skills in the kitchen—sang the praises of the restaurant throughout the entire meal. Basic items like green beans, spinach and tomatoes revved up their desire to go into their kitchens to put a twist on what they’d just eaten.

JCT mussels- Best in Atlanta

If you are in the area for lunch, do not miss out on the JCT Salad with Chicken. This salad will catch you off guard and change the way you look at restaurant salads. The meat and potatoes is a hearty option that won’t leave you so stuffed that you can’t go on with your day. And the fish and chips is another tasty option if you don’t want anything too healthy or pricey.

Word to the wise: make a reservation for dinner. Walk-ins often find the restaurant not packed but still unable to accommodate their party. Bar seating is available, but the limited menu and exposure to the elements outside make it an uncomfortable setting to eat dinner. Recommendation, wait for a table. It’s totally worth it.


JCT Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Booze, billiards and bocce… a night at Ormsby’s

After a marathon day of meetings, a coworker asked me if I had set up my blog yet. I covered my face in shame because I had told her I would do it over the weekend prior. Knowing that I had no real excuse for not doing it, I immediately buckled down and purchased a domain name, web hosting and a theme. After about two hours of fumbling around- Dine with Dani went live.

from OrmsbysAtlanta.com

I looked at the clock and realized that I was late for a friend’s birthday celebration. A perfect way to start my blog!

I hopped in my car and headed to west midtown, specifically the understated-cool White Provisions District, a collection of repurposed warehouses and offices now boasting several restaurants, home décor stores and art galleries. Ormsby’s, hidden among them, is located beside Knoll and beneath Room and Board, which are across from Yeah Burger (more on that to come).

Upon entering, the low lighting on the wood paneled walls gave the spot the feel of an urban chalet. I’d been there before without much exploration, so this was the first time that I was actually going downstairs. The space opened up into what felt like the modern basement of a sophisticated frat house at a college in the mountains. A full bar, pool tables, dart boards and (surprisingly) bocce ball were all available under the surface of this simple establishment. I admit I immediately had a whole new respect for Ormsby’s.

After hellos and introductions, a toast with Jack and Ginger commenced and the party seemed to begin in the midst of it all. The staff at Ormsby’s was pleasant. The drinks were strong, but moderately priced. And then came a selection of hot dogs. Yes, hot dogs.

The Chicago Style Dog and the Chili Dog, both angus beef and served with fries, were lauded and hailed by all in the party. The former, topped with with mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes and peppers, seemed like a lot, but the flavor was amazing. The latter, topped in homemade chili, “house-made cheese whiz” and onions made everyone stop talking and point at what they had just put in their mouths; a clear sign that there are no words for what is going on in there.

The calamari was decent. It didn’t get the reception that the hot dogs received, but I think it’s because I forgot to tell them what I’m about to tell you: watch out for the fried lemons! Everything used to season calamari at other restaurants is battered and deep fried alongside the squid. A fried lemon may sound like an interesting idea, but trust me- you do not want to be caught off guard by this zingy-yet-bitter snack.

Anyway, the hot dogs are all I have to speak to in the way of food at Ormsby’s, but I thoroughly enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. All-in-all, I give Ormsby’s a thumbs up!

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