Beyond being arguably one of the greatest samba dancers of all time, Egili Oliveira was an integral part of my introduction into the samba community of Rio de Janeiro. She secured my parade opportunities with the samba schools Renascer de Jacarepagua and Mocidade Unidos do Santa Marta. In the videos below, you’ll watch a samba master at work: Carnaval 2018, Series B parades. While she is a notable fixture in the Sambodromo (the stadium where top samba schools parade), she is truly beloved along the community parade route at Intendentes Magalhaes.

(At the time of publishing, Egili Oliveira was queen of the samba school Vigario Geral in Rio de Janeiro.)

Part 1, the start of the parade.

Part 2, crowd interaction.

Part 3, the end of the parade.

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