Coffee… What I Drink Until I Can Have Wine

At any moment before lunch, I can be seen with a cup of coffee in hand. I don’t stick to a specific espresso drink, but just about any coffee-centric beverage will do. And if you follow me on Twitter or Foursquare, you know my regular haunts! When I’m in Decatur, I love to stop by Dancing Goats! They brew Batdorf & Bronson coffee.

Whatever your reason for hanging out in a coffee shop, Dancing Goats Decatur can accommodate. With comfy sofas at the front for relaxation and reading (great natural light), large tables at the back for working and meeting (free wi-fi), and even outdoor seating for quick stops when walking the kids and dog (there’s a water bowl).

I not only love the environment, but of course the java! I had the pleasure of visiting their roastery in West Midtown off¬†Chattahoochee¬†Ave. I could pretend to be an expert on coffee roasting now, but instead I’ll just tell you that flavor comes from roasting. And this spot gets it right. Of course you can buy the beans and the grinds at the coffee shop. (PS- the decaf is created through the Swiss Water Process).

Anything you can get at your local starbucks (who i also adore and where I hold a gold card membership) can be made at Dancing Goats and most of them are better (sorry starbucks). My favorites include:

  1. Evergreen Orange– espresso infused with orange, rosemary and thyme (BEYOND YUMMY),
  2. Iced Hazelnut Latte– iced lattes come in one size
  3. cafe au lait– i don’t know what they do differently, but it tastes AMAZING!

There are other locations (mostly in Washington), which I intend to visit. Check out which ever is closest to you!

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