The Iberian Pig… a small bit of Spain in the Decatur Square

For my last birthday, my friends got dressed up to meet me for dinner before we hit the club. This year I chose my favorite Spanish Tapas restaurant, a little spot nestled in the Decatur Square: The Iberian Pig.

For years, I’d passed this place until a fellow lusophone asked me to meet her there for lunch, mad men style. After tasting my first Iberian Old Fashioned, I was intrigued. And then I discovered the best charcuterie in Atlanta, hooked. Spanish potatoes, pork cheek, calamari, scallops, etc. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Minha Tia Rosana tells me that all the meat, cheese and wine will make me “a gordinha“, but it doesn’t cross my mind in the moment. It all tastes so good.

Of everything I’ve eaten there, my favorite things would have to be the lamb ribs and the churros. The lamb ribs have a sticky, sweet and savory sauce that has me scraping the plate and licking my fingers on the sly. No matter what I start with, the ribs call my name! DINEWITHDANI SAYS they are the BEST LAMB RIBS IN ATLANTA. And the churros are so light and sweet, they melt in your mouth! They are the perfect way to end a meal.

Be sure to make a reservation if you’re going during peak hours. Thursday through Saturday dinner hours are crazy. Without one you could be in for an hour plus wait. The bar area is teeny tiny so you shouldn’t expect to hang out there during that time. During warm weather, there is limited outdoor seating.

I heart Iberian Pig. I hope you will too. I’m there probably every two months at least. I like to mix it up!
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