Houston’s… Best Spinach Dip in Atlanta

I honestly can’t remember a time when Houston’s wasn’t around. It seems like my family always went there, specifically the location across from Benihana in Buckhead. Always a large party for us, we’re usually split into side-by-side circular booths—as parties larger than 6 are a challenge at every location.

Generally we start with the Chicago-Style Spinach and Artichoke Dip. In my opinion: the Best in Atlanta. For me it’s the standard by which I measure every other version of spinach dip anywhere. It comes with additional dishes of sour cream and salsa. As a kid I would stir all three together and dip my tortilla chips into the greenish-pink concoction it made on my plate.

My mother always gets the Traditional Salad with Hot Bacon dressing. Simply made with eggs, bacon and croutons– it was the first restaurant salad that I ever loved. Even now, my mother has no choice but to share a small portion of it- as it is entrée size.

I sometimes start with a bowl of soup, but usually the dip and salad are enough. And by the time the entrees arrive I can eat half and take the other half home with me. You do not want to leave food that good behind.

So what entrées do I recommend? My first choice is the Hawaiian Ribeye. This sweet and savory steak that almost tastes like teriyaki is probably my favorite steak at any restaurant. My second choice is the Gulf Coast Fish Sandwich. I can’t even describe how surprised I was when first tried this sandwich. This is my favorite fish sandwich as well. And my third choice is usually whatever the Chef’s Special is that day. It’s usually a safe bet.

While I highly endorse certain dishes, the truth is that I’ve never had a bad meal at Houston’s. Its usually a case of like versus love. Everything is well seasoned and well presented. Plus the ala cart portions don’t leave anything to be desired. So enjoy. I recommend a family visit. Share the love!

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