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JCT cod

JCT Kitchen may be one of my favorite lunch places to eat during the week. Named for its location right near a junction in the railroad tracks, I can’t help but think that this restaurant is metaphorically the juncture between casual low country and upscale Atlanta. The shabby chic décor makes it perfect for the neighborhood. Located in West Midtown and part of White Provision, JCT’s hidden location makes a find for those who haven’t walked through this new development.

This week I visited JCT for the millionth time, this time with the finalists for the Steve Harvey Morning Show’s Hillshire Farm Go Meat Mama Cook Off. Our party of six began the meal with cocktails, deviled eggs and truffle oil and parmesan fries.

JCT salmon sandwich

Truthfully, I’ve never met a JCT special that I didn’t like, but I went with my favorite thing on the menu. I ordered the appetizer of angry mussels as a entrée. These mussels are cooked with peppered bacon, serrano chile and onions. Hands down, the best mussels I’ve ever had. I daresay the best mussels in Atlanta.

The cook off finalists—women who pride themselves on their palate and skills in the kitchen—sang the praises of the restaurant throughout the entire meal. Basic items like green beans, spinach and tomatoes revved up their desire to go into their kitchens to put a twist on what they’d just eaten.

JCT mussels- Best in Atlanta

If you are in the area for lunch, do not miss out on the JCT Salad with Chicken. This salad will catch you off guard and change the way you look at restaurant salads. The meat and potatoes is a hearty option that won’t leave you so stuffed that you can’t go on with your day. And the fish and chips is another tasty option if you don’t want anything too healthy or pricey.

Word to the wise: make a reservation for dinner. Walk-ins often find the restaurant not packed but still unable to accommodate their party. Bar seating is available, but the limited menu and exposure to the elements outside make it an uncomfortable setting to eat dinner. Recommendation, wait for a table. It’s totally worth it.

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